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4×4 Orra Radio licence

Bring along your Orra licence card and get a special plug and play deal

We are authorised Orra dealers Reg #: RD 24

Link to the official ORRA webpage

Bring along your Orra licence card and get a special plug and play deal on a DV 2135 mobile radio or a DV 3125 portable radio

Programmed on 8 x ORRA channels with scan

  • Display: Graphic dot matrix LCD display (24 Alphanumeric display)
  • Channels: 255 Channels
  • Frequency Stability: 2.5ppm
  • Wide Band: Full band operation
  • RF output: 30 Watts adjustable
  • Receiver: 0.025micro Volts for 12db sinad
  • Channel Guard: CTCSS and DCS per Channel
  • BCLO: Yes per channel for comrep use
  • Tone Formats: 5-Tone all standard formats + DTMF format
  • Emergency Call: Yes with caller ID
  • Address Book: Up to 100 + Variable calls
  • Scan: Priority per channel group, Normal scan, Trunk scan, User selectable, Nuisance delete.
  • Audio: >4 Watt on front speaker with optional 16 Watts external speaker
  • Microphone: 600 Ohms Dynamic - DTMF Optional
  • Power supply: 11.5V~17V
  • Current consumption: Standby 200mA, RX @ Full Volume< 1.5Amps, TX @ 60W - <10Amps
  • Size: 40mm(H) x 155mm(W) x 160mm (D)
  • Weight: 1000 grams.
  • Standards: Mil std 810 D,E & F (Vibration and Shock) IP 54 (water & dust)

Wide range of headset accessories available


(136-174 MHz)

Programmed on 8 x ORRA channels with scan

16 Channels, subject to individual license restrictions

5W output (RF power can be set to high or low 5-1W)
Channel Scan, Priority Scan
CTCSS and DCS private line codes

Channel Voice prompts
Automatic power save to extend battery life
12.5 , 20, 25khz channel spacing

MIL810 resistance against heat, pressure and vibration
IP54 resistance against water and dust
Complete with 1600mA Li-ON Battery Pack, 12V Car Charger, Antenna and Belt clip, rapid desktop charger + User manual

  • Download PDF File

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