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Alan RPT35X 25W Repeater Base Station

The Alan RPT Repeater Base station comes in two main forms. [starreview tpl=16]

The Alan RPT Repeater Base station comes in two main forms.

Firstly in its normal remote mount repeater mode allowing extended communications from a local base mounted mobile through to its associated fleet of vehicles on the road. This is only allowed if authorised by Ofcom when your licence and frequencies are issued.

Secondly in its fully Duplex mode for use in ALANTAXI systems where the additional radio traffic speeds that can be achieved allow better use of frequencies. Again this must be approved by Ofcom when you apply for your data channels.

In this mode it can allow increased data speeds of up to 25% on normal simplex channels.


  • Flexible Configuration Base station or repeater (Simplex, semiduplex, full duplex and continuous use)
  • Programmable Power Output - from 4-25W to suit various operational scenarios
  • Power supply/battery charger - 220 VAC 13,8 V DC
  • Compact - Self contained in 19" 3U rack including fan, equipped with 6 cell duplexer, power supply & battery recharge circuit
  • Multi Signalling - CTCSS Enc-dec, DCS providing protection against interferences
  • DB25 Connector - Enables simple programming and connection interface for external accessories


  • 25 Watt 100% Duty cycle
  • 10 Amp Power supply 100% duty cycle
  • 80 Watt duplexer.
  • Signal switch
  • 66-88 MHz; 135 - 174 MHz; 400 - 470 MHz
  • 19" 3 U rack mount
  • D-sub 25 pin with all connectors
  • CTCSS, selcall formats
  • Low battery/mains fail 5 tone call output
  • Download PDF File

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