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Alan Taxi System

Taxi Dispatch, Telephonist and Driver System

Taxi Dispatch, Telephonist and Driver System

The system offers many useful features to enhance efficiency and security.

Based on a full database of existing customers, the system will automatically display the callers information:

  • Telephone Number, Address, Personal Details (VIP, Wheelchair, OAP etc)
Driver receives the following information: 
  • Name and Address of pickup, Destination, Auto-route option available.
  • Driver can request RING BACK (avoids late night noise) and the system will automatically ring back the customer to inform them that their taxi is waiting outside. (No control personnel required to make call)
  • Driver can request TEXT BACK, particularly useful for customers in clubs and other noisy areas.

Text back sends information to customer of: 

  • Vehicle description, Vehicle registration number, Driver name and time (Security enhancement)

Other features included are: 

  • Jobs that are available in different zones and how many vehicles are available in each of these zones (This allows bidding if required).


Alan Taxi System is a fully Automated System that offers the following operational features:

  • Voice and Data dispatch options
  • GPS Tracking of your fleet
  • All calls (using radio) are free
  • Software automatically builds a database of calls, jobs & customers
  • SMS booking & response as standard
  • Up to 40 zones, for speed of vehicle / job location
  • Can be used with accounting software
  • Auto routing function
  • Rugged & Robust in car unit with detachable head for security
  • Non-mouse operation
  • Windows based, not D.O.S. system
  • Very operator friendly


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