RTS DV-3150 Two-Way Radio

RTS DV-3150 Two-Way Radio: Very small, high capacity radio, a real gem for Two-Way Radio communication.

RTS DV-3150 Two Way Radio Main Features

  • Frequency range : 135~174MHz
  • ICASA Approved High output power 5 Watts
  • Full Voice annunciations, channels, battery strength
  • Scan, repeater lockout function, simplex operation and VOX.
  • Continued tone squelch system(CTCSS 50)or digital code squelch(DCS 166) for avoid other call from other transmitter-receiver.
  • Emergency call
  • Inbuilt FM radio (88~108 Mhz)
  • Inbuilt Hi power LED torch
  • PC software programming and copy function for easy operation

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