RTS DV-3950 Extended Range

Crystal clear communications country wide. Rent the radio. Easy terms. Ideal for courier, security and business use. See all you staff on screen with the GPS built in function. Dynamically regroup your teams over the air. Ideal radio for demanding operations with a 18 hour battery standby feature

RTS DV3950. Professional IP portable radio operating on WCDMA network. This network is country wide.

RTS DV-3950 Main Features

  • With 16 Groups
  • Private Call - Selectable Calls
  • Private Duplex Call - Hands Free - Selectable Calls
  • Frequency range:900~1800MHz
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Sever operation
  • Built in GPS - Operator can see where radio is - via internet connection
  • PC software programming and copy function for easy operation.
  • Google Map Location
  • Download Presentation
  • location

Real time location of each radio that is online. Can be used to track security guards, vehicles position or even the drivers position in that area of the vehicle.

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