RTS DV-4350 Yztervark

RTS DV-4350 is a rugged well build UHF two way portable radio. 16 License free channels with built in LED torch.


The RTS DV4350 Yztervark UHF radio

Durable design, Rock Solid, easy to operate
Working frequency 400~470 MHz

We have spend a lot of effort on the digital receiver of the Yztervark radio. This radio will received weak signal and remove all the scratches in a digital way out of the signal.

16 channels
2 Watts UHF RF output 500mW on License Free channels
In-built VOX function, hands-free talking
Prior scanning, in-time answer for multi-channel
In-built CTCSS / DCS functions
Voice Scrambler per channel
Scratch resistant
Die Cast aluminum enclosure designed for rugged outdoor use
Repeater frequency facility
Battery save function that increases battery autonomy
With 1500mAh Li-ON battery, 8Hrs for talking duration
Uses Flash memory E² prom
IP 54 - water & dust
MIL – STD 810 C, D&E

ICASA Approved

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