RTS Two-Way Radios

RTS two-way radio series

RTS DV-3950 Extended Range
Crystal clear communications country wide. Rent the radio. Easy terms. Ideal for courier, security and business use. See all you staff on screen with the GPS built in function. Dynamically regroup your teams over the air. Ideal radio for demanding operations with a 18 hour battery standby feature
RTS DV-3140UV Vratvark 2.0
Unique design, light, attractive figure, easy to operate Working frequency 136~174 + 400~470 MHz Use it for business, CPF and weekends with friends on 4x4 trips
RTS DV-4350 Yztervark
RTS DV-4350 is a rugged well build UHF two way portable radio. 16 License free channels with built in LED torch.
RTS DV-3150 Two-Way Radio
RTS DV-3150 Two-Way Radio: Very small, high capacity radio, a real gem for Two-Way Radio communication.
RTS DV-2400 Two Way Radio
Also available in amateur radio format.
RTS DV-2135 Two Way Radio
Compact, Lightweight and Rugged mobile radio