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Document Names Documents & Downloads
Midland Alan Mobile Series Midland Alan Mobiles (PDF)
Midland Alan Portable Series Midland Portables (PDF)
VratVark Brochure Vratvark Brochure (PDF)
Vratvark User Manual Vratvark Afr. User Manual
Krimpvark User Manual Krimpvark_User_Manual
Bosvark Brochure Bosvark Brochure (PDF)
Bosvark User Manual Bosvark User Manual (PDF)
DV – 2066 / 2135 /2400 Mobile Brochure DV-2066 / 2135/2400 Mobile Brochure (PDF)
DV-2 Series repeater Brochure DV-Series 2 Repeater  Brochure (PDF)
DV-2 Series repeater Brochure(High Resolution) DV-Series 2 Repeater  Brochure HR (PDF)
DV – 2066 / 2135 /2400 Mobile Shortcuts DV-2135 Shortcuts User Manaul (PDF)
DV – 2066 / 2135 /2400 Mobile User Manual DV-2135 Manual (PDF)
DV – 3066 / 3135 Portable Brochure DV-3066 / 3135 Portable Brochure (PDF)
DV – 3066 / 3135 Portable User Manual DV-3066/3135 Manual (PDF)
DV – 3950 Extended Range Potable DV-3950 user manual
DV – 3950 Extended Range Potable Brochure DV-3950 Brochure
DV – 3950 Client software – Wi-Fi setup DV3950-End_User_Software
DV – 3400 Portable Brochure DV-3400 Brosjure
DV – 3140UV Vratvark 2.0 DV-3140UV Brochure
DV – 3140UV Vratvark 2.0 Handleiding DV-3140UV_Handleiding
DV – 3400 Portable User Manual DV-3400 Manual
DV – 4350 Yztervark DV-4350 Brochure
DV – 4350 Yztervark User Manual DV-4350 User_manual
DV – 4475 UHF Portable DV-4475 Brochure
DV – 4475 UHF User Manual DV-4475 User_manual
DIGITAL RADIOS (66~88;136~174;400~470MHz
DV-R2000 Analogue / Digital Repeater Brochure DV-R2000
DV-8??? 32 Channel Portable Brochure DV-8135
DV-9??? 1000 Channel Portable Brochure DV-9135
Farm Security Perimeter Electric Fence Electric Fence Brochure

USB Driver

Document Name Documents
USB Driver for DV USB Cable USB-Software – No Password required
USB Driver for DV USB Cable-64Bit tested on Windows 10 USB-64Bit– No Password required

Installation Section

Document Name Documents
How to Install a PL-259 connector PL-259 – No Password required

Midland 70-1066/70-1336/70-1337

Document Name Documents
Midland XTR Software DOS XTR Software – No Password required

DVR PC Software

Document Name Documents
MHK DVR 4, 8 & 16 Channel PC software Software No Password required
MHK DVR User Manual Manual No Password required



Document Name Documents
ICASA Licence Application – If needed we can assist you with your application Application Forms