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A leader in the two-way radio industry
RTS manufactures, installs & maintains digital & Analogue Two Way Radio Equipment, Networks Systems, 4×4 Winches and Lattice Towers.

Your First Choice In Quality Products such as License Free Two Way Radios in South Africa.
As 'n 67MHz radio met 'n geen wins antenna op 20W die buislig laat brand.
U kan uself indink wat 5G met 40dB antenna elke 200meter ons as mense gaan doen nie.
Dit gaan gelykstaande wees aan 'n klomp industrieële mikrogolf oonde wat se deure oopstaan

  • Gekry!!!!! As julle produk so goed is soos julle diens gaan ek dit nog lank geniet! Baie dankie.


  • The Bosvark units arrive safe and sound, and I am very impressed with the initial tests. Thank you soooo much for the prompt delivery and the presentation items

    Colin F

  • Using my Bosvarks for CPF and 4x4 - had no problems as yet. Nice thing about them is lighter socket cable that plugs directly into radio..........

    Advocatus (4x4community)

  • The Vratvark is a very good radio , We have a group with 60-80 radios on ch 7 , 446.08125Mhz . Used for farm protection. (90% of them has the vratvark radio)

    ZS6AF (4x4 Community)

  • Baie dankie vir die vinnige diens, ek hou julle naam hoog hierdie kant!


  • Believe me, better flexibility for the money, you cannot get. At the price, there is nothing that can beat it.

    biltong (4x4 Community)