DTMF for DV 2066/2135

The DTMF Module is now available from RTS for the following Two Way Radios:

Universal Microphone

RTS also sells Universal Microphones Please contact us for further enquiries

DV-4061 Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone

Compatible with the RTS Range of portable radios


DV-4065 Headset

Discrete Earpiece microphone – a professional disguised earphone with transparent tube and lapel microphone.
Compatible with the RTS Portable radios.

DV-4062 Motobike headset

DV-Series Moto Bike headset with w/proof PTT

DV-4060 Headset

DV-4060 Over the ear speaker + microphone

DV-4063 – RTS Headset with boom microphone

ompatible with the RTS portable radios