Alan HM 35/70 Mobiles Mobile Radio

Alan HM 35/70 Mobiles Mobile Radio: The introduction of the first of our range of Mobiles.

This range is designed to start at the top to show the full strength that exists in our Engineering team and how a new look makes a difference.

The wide range of mobile radios Alan Professional has been enhanced with the HM70 system.

Designed in Italy to meet flexibility and expandability requirements, the whole Hm range meets the severe Military standard and depending on version, is type approved for voice and data.

The customizable firmware and the optional plug-in boards such as the modem and the GPS receiver, provide the most efficient configuration according to diversifed needs. The front panel design, characterizes the whole range, ensuring unequalled audio quality.

The system mobiles HM35 and HM70 are equipped with large graphic display, variable selcall and detachable front panel and fixed selcall.
Freq. Bands:- 66-88MHz/136-174MHz/400-474MHz
Large graphic LCD display (120x32 dot matric graphic display)
Detachable front panel
Full Bandwidth
Selectable Channel Spacing
Frontal 4Watt Loudspeaker
Scan & Priority Scan
Talk Around
Public Address Capability
Call Queue
Flash Memory
100% Duty Cycle
Data transmission
Emergency call enabling single and automatic repeat functions
More than 200 channels
Inbuilt variable selcall
Free format selcall
4 assignable function keys + menu + up/down buttons
PC programmable
Volume adjusting by knob
MIL STD 810 C, D, E, F and IP54
Standard DB25 accessory connector