RTS Grid Tied Inverter

RTS DV 5KW Grid Tied inverter couples directly onto your mains supply, therefore when you make use of an appliance during the day, you either draw power from the tie inverter or from both -depending on the appliances that you have switched on at the time.
Say for instance you have a 5KW RTS Grid Tied inverter and your fridge compressor is running, then you will only draw power from the RTS Tie inverter, but if you switch on your stove and your kettle you will draw the extra power from from the main grid.
You require 5 KW unit 20 x 250 watt solar panels = 5000 KW solar energy

• No expensive batteries to maintain
• The grid serves as back up when you require a large amount of power at once.
• You can expand your system as funds are available.
• For example start of with a RTS 5KW and as time progresses and your requirements increase (haal s uit), then you can add another 5KW module. • Remember a normal household makes use of a 60 Amp mains breaker, therefore you maximum consumption from the power grid is only +- 12KW.
• By using 2 X RTS DV5KW = +- your mains supply.
• Transformer-less design and compact in size
• IP65 protection class
• Double MPPT design for application demands
• Firmware is upgradable via RS232 port
• Optional DC switch available
• Comply with latest VDE AR N4105 standard
• MPPT efficiency > 99.9%
• Maximum efficiency > 97.6%
• Mimic LCD display versatile communication interface options, standard
• RS485 port and external WIFI & Ethernet devices
• Monitoring software provided offers operational status and electricity generated data
RTS Grid tied solar inverter, 5KW,double MPPT, single phase, IP65 protection, wide input voltage range 150-500Vdc, nominal output voltage 230Vac @ R 14940.00 + VAT each